Talk about Rock Hard Faith transformation! Brian Jemison battled with "Why am I even here" and who he was daily. It wasn't until he had an encounter with the living son of God that his life had meaning and began to walk in his true purpose/identity. Now, Brian invests daily in being a leader, a Pastor, and a friend to so many!

Through the power of their testimony, the Noach Family radiates Rock Hard Faith! But it wasn't always this way, only after being set free from destructive cycles of the past was this family able to experience the true power of living through Christ daily and be a beacon of light for their children. Now that's the power of love!

Early on in her journey Kloud Glavan constantly struggled with self love which left her seeking validation from what only the world had to offer. Toxic encounters only added to the already immense pressure which led to stressful indulgent of eating for a release of comfort. But the overwhelming love of the Father deemed too great for any darkness. Now with 3 beautiful children and a Godly husband she has embraced the Rock Hard Faith process of not only a healthy lifestyle but allowing God be her source of validation and an endless love that tops all the world could have ever offered her!

As a young man growing up you would have thought all the odds were against Jesus Calvo. With his mother in and out of jail and never getting to know his father, he soon found himself battling with anger issues, eating disorders, abandonment issues, addictions, and even doing time himself. Being cut off allowed God to come in with His unconditional love and allowed him to grasp the promises for his life which has worked for his greater good establishing a Rock Hard Faith foundation on God's word. Now, with a newly restored relationship with his mother, a God fearing father to his boys, losing 70 lbs, and breaking the strongholds of addiction, Jesus now preaches the very message that was sent to destroy him to impacts others lives to save them!

Early on Danny Duncan had to figure out how to be a man all on his own with his father never around. Being bullied himself, he always tried to help others from the same torment. However, he soon found himself being the one he hated the most, the bully. Being a bouncer only magnified that which brought in the drugs, alcohol, and women that would ruin his marriage. Even after going to jail he said he still didn’t want to give God a chance. It wasn’t until he got out and said “God if your real, I don’t want to miss this for my life.” Now, happily married with a wonderful family he doesn’t miss a thing. Because he has embraced the Rock Hard Faith that the Lord had for him as a man of God and you can be certain he will be one of the first you see and will greet you into the house of God!  

A mother and daughter had no idea the grace and mercy God would pour out to them. He put a man in their path who insisted they take a leap of faith and let love grow. Within a year their trio was preparing for a quartet. The little boy who would be a living miracle, was diagnosed with a rare birth defect and spent the first 31 days of life in the NICU. Following hospital life, old habits would not be easily overcome. Alcohol and drugs were still an active part of living although they were the parents of 2 beautiful babies. Things got out of hand and Klaudia suggested they relocate to Josh's childhood life in Florida. With much faith and a little trailer packed with their belongings- they took another leap! Four years later and another blessed faith baby, they are overwhelmed by the journey God has taken them on. They have survived hardships, addiction, infidelity, and all kinds of attacks from the enemy. Regardless the darkness did not prevail, they remain Glavan strong and their Rock Hard Faith does not waiver!

Growing up in a small town and going to church, no one really expressed the true essence of what it meant to walk with God in relationship. Then in 1976 everything changed when Kitty found out just how loved she was that Jesus would have given His life up even just for her. She says since then life has never been so beautiful everyday! Her enthusiasm and bright smile radiates that life changing Rock Hard Faith!